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The Ration Card

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Eric K. Augspurger


Tin Whiskers Publisher is an independent publisher of historical fiction. We have a passion for history intertwined with a good story, or a good story intertwined with history. What sets us apart from other publishers is we publish only historical fiction. We publish all epochs with an emphasis on the twentieth century. Follow Tin Whiskers Publisher on Twitter for the latest news.

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Tin Whiskers Publisher releases The Ration Card by debut author Eric K. Augspurger. This historical fiction novel is set on the home front during World War II and follows the young war bride Josephine Troyer as she begins working in a local factory...
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Tin Whiskers Publisher has submitted The Ration Card for several awards: Benjamin Franklin Awards for historical fiction, IPPY Awards for historical fiction, and Bill Fisher Award for best first book...
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