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Contact Information



To contact Tin Whiskers Publisher regarding submissions or to submit manuscript, e-mail Before querying or submitting manuscript, be sure to read our author guidelines. Manuscript submissions will be accepted only during open submission times, which will be announced on this website, on our blog, and via Twitter.


The Tin Whiskers Publisher permissions department handles request related to content permissions. This includes requests to reprint portions of our materials. To contact our permissions department, e-mail

Editorial Assistant

The Tin Whiskers Publisher editorial assistant handles most of our general communication related to publishing, including managing the flow of contracts to and from our authors. To contact the editorial assistant, e-mail


The Tin Whiskers Publisher production department handles layout and manufacturing of our books. If you have questions regarding these topics, including freelance work, e-mail


The publisher oversees royalties and contracts for Tin Whiskers Publisher. Questions regarding either of these topics or general questions about Tin Whiskers Publisher should be directed to

Sales and Marketing

Customer Service

The Tin Whiskers Publisher customer service department should be contacted with any questions about your order. Please e-mail


The Tin Whiskers Publisher marketing department handles all promotional activites. For any questions regarding marketing, including advertising sales, please e-mail


The Tin Whiskers Publisher sales department handles contract sales and trading partners. For any questions related to sales, please e-mail