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Eric K. Augspurger

Eric K. Augspurger has the distinction of being the first author published by Tin Whiskers Publisher with his novel The Ration Card. The novel is set on the home front during WW II and follows the young war bride Josephine Troyer as she redefines her role as a woman and learns about love in the process.

A self-described “history slut,” Eric is an avid fan of all things history and fancies himself an amateur historian. He has been involved in publishing since the early 1990s and has been a senior editor since 2001. He has worked as an editor, technical illustrator, production artist, project manager, and production manager and has co-authored a textbook on 3D modeling and animation software. His author website is www.EricKAugspurger.com. You can follow the novel on Twitter or Facebook. Also follow the blog for The Ration Card for news from WW II.

Eric lives in the rural Midwest, where he grew up listening to stories of the Great Depression and life during World War II. He is currently working on the follow-up novel to The Ration Card.

—Tin Whiskers Publisher

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