Tin Whiskers Publisher

Imagining the Webs of History

About Tin Whiskers Publisher

Tin Whiskers Publisher was born in the American heartland from over twenty years of experience in the publishing world. We are an independent publisher of historical fiction. We have a passion for history intertwined with a good story, or a good story intertwined with history. What sets us apart from other publishers is we publish only historical fiction. We publish all epochs with an emphasis on the twentieth century.

Tin Whiskers Publisher...what’s in a name? Tin whiskers are individual crystalline structures that spontaneously grow from tinned surfaces in electronics. These whiskers can create connections between electronic components that were never intended. In launching Tin Whiskers Publisher, we felt this to be an appropriate metaphor to describe the connections between people, places, and events throughout history, not to mention the stories that are intertwined between them.